Portraits by Arthur Cooke

Series Archive is a project by Nicole Cooke. S/he is a genderqueer performance artist and couture designer, born and raised in Los Angeles, into a family of artists.

Series Archive was born in 2015 with a single dress design, while doodling at a museum day job. “The Persona Dress” has since been deconstructed to serve as the main iconography for the project, appearing on the cover of all publications and on the clothing for sale through Archive’s subset, Series: Production Lab.

Series Archive centers clothing objects as the primary medium in larger performative works. These clothing objects have tactile and/or conceptual function (read: they play a role) in the performance works that Cooke writes, directs and often acts in.

Currently on Series 3, Series Archive is intended to develop and grow over the course of the artist’s lifetime. Pictured is the 5-year-old, 5-inch binder, which serves as the living catalogue and microcosm for the speculative scope of the entire project. 90% of this binder are works in progress, not yet realized.

A special note and dedication: Series Archive would not exist as it does without the support, collaboration and encouragement of the artists, queer folx and womxn who have been involved, both directly and tangentially. Thank you.

Portraits by Arthur Cooke